The Prebiotic-Probiotic Prescription for Healthy Travel

Most meeting planners at one time or another have been blindsided by the event peril that dare not speaketh its name: gastrointestinal party time! This shouldn't come as a complete surprise. After all, what part of late nights, early mornings,

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Destination: Mobile

That old saw “Geography is destiny” cuts straight to the heart of Mobile, Alabama, surely one of America’s most charming yet egregiously overlooked Southern charmers. If the frenzied, elsewhere-headed travelers along Interstate 10 know Mobile at

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5 Tips To Better Communication With Overseas Colleagues

For many planners, one of the more enjoyable perks of the job is getting to see the world and getting paid to do so. However, before bags are packed and the event begins, most planners will have to climb several mountains, jump through a few hoops

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IMEX America: Where Networking Complements Education

Trade shows, exhibitions and conferences too often make a distinction between their educational programs and the events’ networking opportunities—with the networking sessions invariably relegated to second-class status. Entire days may be devoted to

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Hilton Debuts New Hawaii Option

The Aloha state is certainly known for its fair share of luxury, ocean front resorts, many carrying the flag of some of the world’s leading hotel brands. But over the past few years, these trophy properties have been joined on various Hawaiian

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Par-lez Vous Golf? Here’s a Primer for Better Banter

Do you feel slightly awkward in professional or social settings when the conversation suddenly turns to golf? No need. Really. In fact, among the major worldwide sports, you probably “talk golf” more than the others, without even knowing

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A Planner’s Guide to Brexit

After months of contentious politicking, the people of the United Kingdom voted June 23rd to leave the European Union, a development popularly known as Brexit. The 52%-48% vote stunned many observers. The morning after the vote, commentators began

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Martini, Anyone? A Classic Cocktail Goes Fashion-Forward

Given today’s wall-to-wall marketing, it will come as no surprise to planners that June 19 was National Martini Day. It’s not clear which association or trade group, if any, sponsors this annual recognition, but the event apparently has been

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The New Thinking in Luxury Hospitality

Owners, developers and operators were bullish on the luxury hotel segment at last week’s (June 5-7) annual NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference in New York. Smith Travel Research reported that occupancy in U.S. luxury hotels

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Costa Rica: Moving Beyond Eco-Tourism

Long known as a destination that placed a high priority on preserving and enhancing its rich natural beauty, Costa Rica is in the process of raising its visibility as a host of luxury meetings and conferences. The latest evidence occurred last month

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Going Somewhere? 7 Tips for Joining the Global Entry Program

Though I’ve always liked the idea of the Department of Homeland Security’s Trusted Traveler Global Entry program, signing up seemed like such a hassle that I just never got around to it. Instead, to get through airport lines a bit faster, I relied

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Build Your Personal Brand

The first thing most people notice about Anne is her hat. In an era when head wear for women pretty much begins and ends with the royals, Anne stands out because of her chapeau. As I got to know and respect Anne for her humor, warmth, creativity and

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Destination: Oakland

If you’re headed to San Francisco but “Haight” the hassle of navigating one of the country’s top tourist destinations, you’ll find relief – and yes, even a whiff of the city’s treasured hippie past – just across the Bay Bridge in Oakland,

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3 Things This Event Planner Wishes Venues Would Change

Event planners and venues. Venues and event planners. The two go hand-in-hand. Venues are one of the first things that event planners look to secure when we are hosting an event. And, in doing lots of the new research over the years, there are a few

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How to Create a Niche in the Events Industry (and Why You Should!)

I think that creating a niche in our industry is incredibly important. Most people tend to think that offering a wide variety of services will bring them more opportunities, but while that sounds intuitively correct, it's actually the opposite. By

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How to Set the Stage for Ideal Brainstorm Sessions

The opening session at last month’s (April 19-20) International Association of Conference Centers–Americas’ annual gathering in New York focused on “Innovation in the Meeting Experience” and, not surprisingly, the subject of brainstorming came

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Hotels Boost Their Interactive Offerings for Groups

As part of their job, planners are always on the lookout for exciting new programs to capture the interest of their attendees. Inevitably these days, such ideas involve new technology. Given the entire culture’s embrace of mobile apps, streaming

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Destination: Jacksonville

Memo to Florida’s highway signage department: To best assist first-time visitors to the state’s northeastern gateway city, we would humbly suggest posting at its myriad entry points the image of a smiling dolphin or gator that proclaims, “Welcome to

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6 Summer Planning Pitfalls to Avoid

Summertime, and the living is – busy! Once summer kicks in, finding the perfect event date gets complicated because your guests are likely to be heavily booked with many more social events, family obligations and vacation time than usual, all

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The Most Popular Event Merchandise of 2016

Merchandise and promotional products are integral to the event planning process. They are used in advertising before the event, and to create a cohesive presence during the event, with uniforms, gift bags, and matching branded gift items. It is

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