What a Product Designer Can Teach You About Life Design

Most of us live our lives ping-ponging between the things we want and the things we need. Don't get me wrong; it's plenty challenging, endlessly educational, often deeply moving and frequently very funny to allow luck, chance and a mad circus of

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5 High-Tech House Sitters for Worry-Free Travel

Meeting planners never really leave home, do they? Some part of your brain is always flipping through that mental list of home settings you overlooked in your haste to pack everything you need for a business trip and catch your train, boat, or plane

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How to Be An Eloquent Networker

Savvy business people know that they cannot rely solely on doing their jobs well to get ahead. In today’s competitive job market, professionals who stand out are the ones adept at networking for the purpose of rainmaking:  turning relationships into

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How to Ensure a Successful Holiday Event

A holiday event is a very important moment for any company and, often, are occasions to celebrate your organization, your colleagues, and the achievements of your team over the past year. These events also help set the tone for the coming year and,

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Layover Lifesavers: 4 Apps Bound to Ease Your Travel

Bluntly put, layovers suck. Big time. You know it, I know it, the airlines and airport staffs know it. Question is, what can you do about it? The answer is, plenty. Thanks to the fingertip magic of mobile apps, that seven-hour layover at

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One City, Four Experiences? Here’s How…

As brands like Kimpton (now part of InterContinental Hotels Group) and Autograph Collection (from Marriott International) have increased the number of independent hotels they manage in a major group destination in the past few years, planners have

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Destination: Miami

Unpredictable, unpretentious, unbelievable: in many ways, Miami is the un-Florida, a city with a state of mind so completely unbounded that it has become a magnet for the world's tired, poor, huddled masses that used to flock to Ellis Island. Once

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A Local’s Guide to Houston

Houston has all the things you’d expect from the fourth largest city in the nation: great restaurants, ample venues, world-class shopping, and several professional sports teams, among much more. While you can Yelp just about every type of business,

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A Bold Move on Tipping

While planners are tasked with carefully budgeting for the meetings and events they handle, there’s always been one unknown: the amount attendees opt to tip for service in hotels, restaurants and even taxis on their trip. Most tips get added onto

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Expedited Airport Security Programs: Are They Worth It?

As a frequent traveler, I like to spend the least amount of time possible sitting in the airport. I give myself enough time to get through security without feeling rushed, which usually amounts to arriving at the airport just over an hour before the

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RFP Season: Why You Should Know Lodging Taxes

With many planners already knee-deep into the RFP process for 2016, negotiations over preferred hotel rates are already heating up. With what could be the most stressful few months of the year for planners, it’s easy for the vexing matter of lodging

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How to Tap Your Inner Tina Fey

I didn't see it coming until it wound up in my mailbox, but when I opened the wrapper from Bloomsbury Publishers, my laughter would have scared the mailman. After all, nothing prepared me to hold and behold an adaptation Jane Austen's timeless

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A Local’s Guide to Santa Barbara

The iconic red-tiled roofs of Santa Barbara offer more than just your standard shopping spread. Divert from the well-worn path of the tourists that flock to State Street and you’ll discover rich, authentic Mexican fare, local grassroots wineries, and

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What Makes a Successful Meeting? It Depends.

Think you know a successful meeting when you host one? You may be surprised by how widely the perceived essentials of an effective meeting vary from country to country. Rest easy: A new global survey by Hilton Worldwide on the DNA of successful

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The Downside of Upspeak and Vocal Fry

Warning: Upspeak and vocal fry could hinder your career. If you're like me, you just tried to say that sentence aloud using both vocal inflections and found you can't. They're contradictory; the first flips everything up an octave into a question

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Mind Your Manners: 7 Tips for Better Business in China

Cultural gaffes are easy to make, long remembered and difficult to undo, thus my desire to avoid them. As the planning business can take you just about anywhere in the world, handling yourself politely and in a culturally sensitive manner is an

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Overheard at the September 2015 EMA

At the September 2015 EMA earlier this week at La Cantera Resort, I heard several common thoughts from attendees. From their impression of the event, the venue, and their experiences in general, here are a few notable sentiments. “The EMA is unlike

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The 7 Times That Meeting Face-to-Face is a Must

Let's face it: one hardly needs to sell meeting planners on the importance of face-to-face exchanges. After all, it's their stock in trade. Day in and day out, their effectiveness depends in large part on mastering the art of bringing people

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“Teachable Moments” Abound with IMEX America’s Smart Learning Line-Up

At next month’s IMEX America in Las Vegas you can not only broaden your business power and contact lists but also your horizons thanks to the extensive IMEX America education program that show organizers and partners have in store. The learning

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Destination: New Orleans

Care to know the one thing that tells you everything you need to know about New Orleans? Hurricane Katrina couldn't wipe that infectious grin off its face. One expects such tenacity from the descendants of the Acadians, Germans and hodgepodge

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