“Teachable Moments” Abound with IMEX America’s Smart Learning Line-Up

At next month’s IMEX America in Las Vegas you can not only broaden your business power and contact lists but also your horizons thanks to the extensive IMEX America education program that show organizers and partners have in store. The learning

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Destination: New Orleans

Care to know the one thing that tells you everything you need to know about New Orleans? Hurricane Katrina couldn't wipe that infectious grin off its face. One expects such tenacity from the descendants of the Acadians, Germans and hodgepodge

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Four Things I Learned From the EMA (on Day One!)

As a first time Elite Meetings Alliance attendee, I really didn’t know what to expect. I figured it would be like your typical networking opportunity, with some standard educational sessions throughout. I have attended a handful of industry events

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Destination: Toronto

If you want to incite a bar fight some crisp evening on Yonge Street, simply rise from your barstool, lift a pint of Boddingtons to the rafters and proclaim, "To Toronto, the all-American city!" Mind you, I'm not suggesting you actually do this,

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How to Look More Confident (Even When You Don’t Feel It)

Without uttering a word, your posture, gestures and overall demeanor speak volumes about your confidence, leadership and general regard for others. Don't believe it? Think back on the professionals who made a difference in your life. While you may

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Dining Abroad? Don’t Let These Gaffes Come Back to Bite You

Ah, international cuisine, surely one of the supreme pleasures of modern life! Not so long ago, unless your ancestry made it unavoidable, one might never have encountered— much less savored—Chinese sweet and sour pork, Indian Tandoori chicken,

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When Hotels Change Operators: A San Francisco Story

Planners find themselves facing a thorny issue when they’ve got an RFP out to a hotel for an upcoming group event, they’re in active negotiation with the hotel or even have a signed contract on that piece of business, and the hotel suddenly changes

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Destination: Phoenix

Warmth. From the moment you deplane at Sky Harbor International until you pour your desert-sated self aboard your flight home, your constant companion during your exploration of Phoenix, Arizona's convivial capital, shall be warmth. Neither

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Helpful Out of Office Courtesies

Frequent traveling can either be a perk of planning or a troublesome interruption depending on your preparedness. Your travels can affect not only you and your customers, but also coworkers, vendors, and others who depend on your consistent services.

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Resort Spas Move From Mere Massage to Personal Awakening

Veteran spa watchers attending the 21st ISPA Media Marketplace this month in New York noted a marked shift in resort spa offerings lately from traditional massages, body wraps, and scrubs to more holistic, alternative healing-type experiences.

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Destination: Vancouver, BC

Whether you're headed to Vancouver, British Columbia for business or pleasure, there's not a Zagat, Michelin, or Fodor guidebook, TripAdvisor must-see list or Yelp-approved menu of dining fabulousness that will improve your stay one iota. Why?

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Explore San Antonio

Home to the famed River Walk and a very pedestrian friendly downtown, San Antonio offers meeting planners and attendees convenience with the ultimate in Southern hospitality. If you’re looking for a destination that’s easy to reach and provides

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Hold the Line: 4 Billing Snafus and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to producing meetings and events, the old adage is true: it’s always something! As in no matter how perfect the planning and execution, there’s always some wildcard that pops up to remind one there’s always more to learn – and lessons

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Table Manners 101

Those new to the meeting and convention profession are soon confronted with one of its most perplexing dilemmas. The good news is, you will soon experience fine dining beyond your wildest dreams. The bad news? Your ability to master the basics

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Destination: Boston

Steeped in Revolutionary War history, Kennedy-esque Brahmin accents, Harvard/Cambridge/MIT brainiacs, Cheers bonhomie and a sports fanaticism that borders on the Pentecostal, Boston combines New York highbrow and New England wildbrow into an earthy,

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Where Are You Booking? Cvent Reveals the Top 50 Destinations

Each year Cvent unveils the Top 50 destinations for meetings and events, based on booking activity through the Cvent Supplier Network. That’s after reviewing data from some 5,000 cities compiled between July 2014 and June 2015. While the top 3 spots,

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What Can “Burning Man” Teach an Event Planner? Plenty.

Each year during the week leading up to Labor Day, the countercultural Camelot known as Burning Man emerges mirage-like on the lava beds and alkali silt playa of northern Nevada's utterly inhospitable Black Rock Desert, an aural, visual and communal

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The Big Apple’s Bumper Crop of New Luxury Hotels

Lodging analysts are warning that supply growth in Manhattan has reached a point where it is beginning to outstrip demand, putting downward pressure on rates. According to Smith Travel Research, as of June there were 14,630 hotel rooms under

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Partial to Print? You’re Not Alone.

For more than a decade, the hardscrabble publishing world has been in a protracted battle for the hearts and minds of readers. I still recall a 2009 publishing-industry awards show where nearly every speech maker gave some iteration of the same sad

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Are You Guilty of Using These 7 Annoying Phrases?

  Contrary to my Y chromosome, I enjoy grocery shopping, up to a point. Unfortunately, that point is always the checkout counter, where my verbal thank-yous to my checker and bagger unfailingly elicit one or both of the two most obnoxious,

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