3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss The Next EMA (in Mexico!)

When like-minded people get together, great things can happen. The Elite Meetings Alliance (EMA) is just that – an alliance, an event where top meeting and incentive planners form mutually beneficial relationships with leaders in the luxury hotel

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5 Ways to Refresh Your Meeting Breaks

Sitting as they say, is the new smoking, and we’re all doing it way too much at the office and at those super sedentary meetings and conferences. Granted, clients want to pack as much as possible into a limited amount of time, but in the process

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Family Planning: 11 Tips for Kid-Friendly Events

Children and meetings don’t always mix. In theory, attending an off-site event at an interesting destination can be a wonderful opportunity for attendees to bring the spouse and kids, turning the business occasion into a quasi-family vacation.

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Destination: Bahamas

If the Atlantic Ocean somehow acquired its own iPhone, this is where it would take its selfies, over and over and over again. One has only to hop a cruise ship or 50-mile commuter flight to the closest Caribbean archipelago to the U.S. mainland to

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6 Tips to Cooler Venues (and Guests!)

Throughout the year, I can be found at a lot of events, but mostly as part of the behind-the-scenes team making it all happen. This summer however, while New York City has been in the midst of a relentless heat wave, I’ve had the pleasure of

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When Management Companies Merge

With consolidation currently a major trend in the hotel industry, it’s no surprise that management companies should be some of the players to join forces. Among hotel branding companies, the big news is still Marriott International’s pending

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2017 Hotel Pricing: A Tale of Two Coasts

Research presented at the annual conference of the Global Business Travel Association this month (July 15-20) in Denver presented a mixed picture of what planners could expect in the coming months when it comes to negotiating 2017 hotel rates. For

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New York’s Waldorf-Astoria Downsizes

In late-2014, a Chinese insurance company announced plans to acquire the iconic Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York, well-known by planners of luxury meetings, for a record-breaking $1.95 billion, the most ever paid for a U.S. hotel up to that

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Awesome Art Museums

As extracurricular sojourns go, art museums are a meeting planner’s ace in the hole, a sure-fire destination where every participant, regardless of age, background or culture, will experience something that moves them on a human level. As an added

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Destination: Cheyenne

Contrary to what you may have heard, read or been texted, cowboy hats are not required for touchdown at CYS (Cheyenne Regional Airport), nor to enter the Cheyenne city limits proper. They are strongly advised however, along with a sturdy pair of Tony

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5 (Road-Tested) Ways to Cut Planning Stress

Every year, a few career sites publish their top 10 lists of stressful jobs, and not surprisingly event coordinators consistently rank high on the list. So, how to cut the stress we’re all too familiar with in this line of work? Stop it before it

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Instant Stress Busters for the Travel Weary

Need to recharge during your journey or before your business meeting? Need a quick relaxer at the end of a long day? Well-travelled medical writer Sandra Paton prescribes these quick exercises to revive and repair you following the taxing trials of

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To Hug or Not To Hug: Tips on Cultural Greetings

To borrow a catch phrase from a popular insurance commercial, hugs come at you fast. With family, they’re predictable. With friends, pro forma. But in a business setting, especially first-time greetings in other countries or within multicultural

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The Prebiotic-Probiotic Prescription for Healthy Travel

Most meeting planners at one time or another have been blindsided by the event peril that dare not speaketh its name: gastrointestinal party time! This shouldn't come as a complete surprise. After all, what part of late nights, early mornings,

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Destination: Mobile

That old saw “Geography is destiny” cuts straight to the heart of Mobile, Alabama, surely one of America’s most charming yet egregiously overlooked Southern charmers. If the frenzied, elsewhere-headed travelers along Interstate 10 know Mobile at

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5 Tips To Better Communication With Overseas Colleagues

For many planners, one of the more enjoyable perks of the job is getting to see the world and getting paid to do so. However, before bags are packed and the event begins, most planners will have to climb several mountains, jump through a few hoops

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IMEX America: Where Networking Complements Education

Trade shows, exhibitions and conferences too often make a distinction between their educational programs and the events’ networking opportunities—with the networking sessions invariably relegated to second-class status. Entire days may be devoted to

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Hilton Debuts New Hawaii Option

The Aloha state is certainly known for its fair share of luxury, ocean front resorts, many carrying the flag of some of the world’s leading hotel brands. But over the past few years, these trophy properties have been joined on various Hawaiian

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Par-lez Vous Golf? Here’s a Primer for Better Banter

Do you feel slightly awkward in professional or social settings when the conversation suddenly turns to golf? No need. Really. In fact, among the major worldwide sports, you probably “talk golf” more than the others, without even knowing

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A Planner’s Guide to Brexit

After months of contentious politicking, the people of the United Kingdom voted June 23rd to leave the European Union, a development popularly known as Brexit. The 52%-48% vote stunned many observers. The morning after the vote, commentators began

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