Taking the Virtual Plunge

In the world of digital hotel site tours, there’s virtual reality, and then there’s Virtual Reality! The former has been around for some time and is a fairly common feature on many hotel websites. The immersive experience of the latter is something

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7 Takeaways from “Oldchella”

Last weekend (Oct. 7-9), promoters presented Desert Trip in Indio, Calif., a rock ‘n roll extravaganza specifically targeting Baby Boomers with heavyweight acts famous since the ‘60s on the order of the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil

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The Good News on 2017 Hotel Rates

With RFP season for negotiated group hotel rates getting underway for 2017, planners and other buyers of corporate travel can take heart from a report issued last month by the Tisch Center of Hospitality and Tourism at New York University. After a

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Hospitality Leaders Share Secrets of 5-Star Service

Wouldn’t it be great to have the wisdom of the world’s best customer service savants at your fingertips? Micah Solomon thought so, too. What’s more, as a world-leading customer service trainer, speaker and consultant himself, as well as a regular

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10 Simple Ways to Boost Brain Power

Full confession upfront: I spent the past summer bouncing between spit-take laughter and tiny-hair-tinging creep-outs while thoroughly enjoying the timely, audacious CBS TV political satire, “BrainDead.” In it, a Capitol Hill underling who works for

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Destination: Bermuda

Savvy event strategists looking for a thoroughly British destination without the headaches of transatlantic travel will find a charming bit of Blighty a mere 650 miles off the Carolina coast on the quaint, picturesque island chain of Bermuda. Due

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Marriott Completes Starwood Acquisition

Ten months after heated negotiations and prolonged approval seeking from regulators, Marriott International today closed on its $13.3 billion deal to acquire Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. Planners can now expect the competitive landscape

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Stockholm: The City That Floats on Water

As a native of Karlstad, Sweden, with dozens of extended stays in Stockholm under my belt, you’d think I may be “home blind” to the city’s many treasures, or “hemmablind,” as we say in Swedish. But, and perhaps because I have lived in the States for

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Venue Wisdom: 4 More Secrets for Planning Success

No matter where you are in your planning career, it’s important to remember that planning is a two-way street. Just as we expect the world from our venues, they too expect us to return the favor by freely sharing with them the information they need

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Private Dinner Primer: 7 Pointers

Skillfully arranging small, intimate dinners for company senior officers, VIPs and select groups of other stakeholders during a larger business meeting or event has always been an important part of a planner’s toolbox. Ten years ago, a boardroom or

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A Look at the Low Country’s Fabled Charms

At the southernmost tip of the spinning top that is South Carolina lies the fabled Low Country, a four-county region with Charleston International Airport (CHS) its closest hub, nestled between a labyrinthine, marshy Atlantic coastline and the lazy

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Who’s Your Airline? Behind the Mystical World of Code Sharing

Show of hands if this has happened to you while flying to or from a conference or vacay: Your plane arrives at a stopover destination. Your connecting flight is hopelessly delayed by weather. You make a beeline to the Delta check-in counter at

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Got Golf? These Worldwide Caddies Really Deliver

A golfer friend once posited that the reason Scotland’s No. 1 export has become so firmly entrenched with executives worldwide lies in the contrast between the game and their everyday existence. Their lives are fast; golf is slow. Their lives are

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Smooth Sailing: Sage Advice for Novice Cruisers

  You never forget your first cruise. The question is, will you remember it for the right reasons? Upon casting off in one of today’s towering, palatial ocean liners, most first-time cruisers are stunned by the scope, scale and

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Networking 101 at IMEX America 2016

When you and thousands of meetings experts descend on Las Vegas for IMEX America 2016, October 18 – 20 at the Sands Expo, you’ll not only have learning and business on your mind, but also networking – big-time networking in fact. With a wide

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Venue Wisdom: 3 Secrets for Planning Success

Whenever I get together with my fellow planners, inevitably we talk shop, exchanging war stories about our experiences with one venue or another, which ones we love, who’s got the best facilities, which properties have the most attentive meetings

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A Celebration of Rebirth in Lower Manhattan

In the years following the September 11th attack in New York, a visit to the site of the former World Trade Center became a high priority for many. Planners with events held in midtown were used to attendees making their way to downtown on a free

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Event Challenges & Opportunities: The Purple Paper

What is great about the events industry? What are the key challenges we should be worried about? What can the events industry do to realize the holy grail of the collaborative economy? These were just a few of the questions posed to 28 industry

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Dolphin Programs: How to Navigate the Waters

Given their intelligence and seeming friendliness, Atlantic bottlenose dolphins have been popular attractions at oceanfront resorts throughout the U.S. and Caribbean for decades. Planners booking these resorts have been happy to oblige as attendees

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Team-Building: How To Make Sure It’s Memorable

Team-building activities are an important way to foster connections among meeting attendees.  With today’s world of instant entertainment and viral internet sensations, people are looking more for memorable experiences rather than the traditional

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