Table Manners 101

Those new to the meeting and convention profession are soon confronted with one of its most perplexing dilemmas. The good news is, you will soon experience fine dining beyond your wildest dreams. The bad news? Your ability to master the basics

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Destination: Boston

Steeped in Revolutionary War history, Kennedy-esque Brahmin accents, Harvard/Cambridge/MIT brainiacs, Cheers bonhomie and a sports fanaticism that borders on the Pentecostal, Boston combines New York highbrow and New England wildbrow into an earthy,

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Where Are You Booking? Cvent Reveals the Top 50 Destinations

Each year Cvent unveils the Top 50 destinations for meetings and events, based on booking activity through the Cvent Supplier Network. That’s after reviewing data from some 5,000 cities compiled between July 2014 and June 2015. While the top 3 spots,

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What Can “Burning Man” Teach an Event Planner? Plenty.

Each year during the week leading up to Labor Day, the countercultural Camelot known as Burning Man emerges mirage-like on the lava beds and alkali silt playa of northern Nevada's utterly inhospitable Black Rock Desert, an aural, visual and communal

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The Big Apple’s Bumper Crop of New Luxury Hotels

Lodging analysts are warning that supply growth in Manhattan has reached a point where it is beginning to outstrip demand, putting downward pressure on rates. According to Smith Travel Research, as of June there were 14,630 hotel rooms under

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Partial to Print? You’re Not Alone.

For more than a decade, the hardscrabble publishing world has been in a protracted battle for the hearts and minds of readers. I still recall a 2009 publishing-industry awards show where nearly every speech maker gave some iteration of the same sad

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Are You Guilty of Using These 7 Annoying Phrases?

  Contrary to my Y chromosome, I enjoy grocery shopping, up to a point. Unfortunately, that point is always the checkout counter, where my verbal thank-yous to my checker and bagger unfailingly elicit one or both of the two most obnoxious,

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Destination: Denver

Sea-levelers often find touchdown at Denver International a breathtaking experience -- literally. After all, they don't call this the Mile High City for nothing. As a University of Colorado student, I drove my share of fly-in friends wheezing all

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Feng Shui for Better Event Flow

Want to become a better meeting planner? I have four friends I'd like you to meet: Phoenix, Tiger, Dragon and Turtle. They're the four companion/energy guides that can help even the undercaffeinated more effectively navigate this physical realm

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Money-Saving Airport Transportation in 11 Major Cities

I travel for business, on my own most of the time, and I’m almost always in a hurry to get into town from the airport – and in many cities that’s easier said than done. Touching down often in the middle of rush hour, town cars, Ubers, taxis and most

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Destination: Atlanta

If you've never lived in Atlanta and only know it from sleepy layovers at Hartsfield, Southern Living magazine or the photo posts on Pinterest and Instagram, you may still think of it as the capital of the South. But believe me, the ATL moved on

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Goodbye, Jumping Jacks; Hello, SUP Yoga

Gone are the days when a quick five-minutes of jumping jacks before the start of the general session covered a planner’s back on the health and wellness front for the entirety of the meeting. Like so much else about meetings at luxury resorts today,

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The Stakes Have Been Raised for IMEX America 2015

Can you hear it? That electric buzz of excitement? The contagious whirr of business in progress? That’s the sound of IMEX America celebrating its 5th year with renewed enthusiasm. This topnotch event has been growing in popularity since its

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Body Language 101

As an American child of stout European stock, I was forever ordered to "straighten up" while growing up, the directive aimed at my posture rather than my demeanor. And like most kids, I thought it was lame. All my friends slouched. It was practically

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5 Considerations for Group Activities

I’ve been on both sides of the group activity fence, both as an organizer and as a guest. Along the way, I’ve had my share of wonderful experiences, plus a few I’d rather not repeat. I am, however, grateful for the less-than-stellar ones as they’ve

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Hilton and the Room Service Reboot

Planners holding events at upper upscale, full-service hotels and resorts may have a reasonable expectation that room service will be available. Senior executives, guest speakers or other VIPs may be on a late flight, arriving at the hotel hungry

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Destination: Nashville

Want to know the best way to enjoy Nashville today? Forget everything you know about Nashville. If you're old enough to place a face with such pairings as Johnny and June, George and Tammy, Dolly and Porter or Conway and Loretta, or can name

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Outdoor Meetings: Some Practical Considerations

Outdoor meetings are the perfect opportunity to take participants out of their routine, stimulate brainstorming and foster out-of-the-box thinking. But planning outdoor meetings is not exactly the same as planning outdoor events.While some of the

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A Bird’s-Eye View: Adding Drone Photography to Your Next Event

Imagine capturing a soaring shot of a bustling trade-show floor, breathtaking pan of a poolside reception, or a scene skimming a lush vineyard leading to your event site—a sprawling Napa estate. Until recently scenes like these were only attainable

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A Novel Approach to Better Cocktail Banter

We've all been in this awkward situation: You're sharing a postprandial Mad Men aperitif with an unusually erudite group of influential sorts, perhaps parsing the pros and cons of your dinner selections, when someone drops a literary reference to an

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