What Makes You Mad?

What drives meeting planners the craziest? Waiting for others to decide, according to a Destination Marketing Association International survey. Completed April 3, the "tournament" called on more than 400 planners to choose from 16 gripes, which,

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Top-Speed Tourist: When You’ve Got Just One Day in Hong Kong

It may seem absurd to suggest that Hong Kong—one of the greatest cities in the world—can be seen in just one day. But when that’s all the time you’ve got, you just make it work. As every globetrotting planner knows, while on duty, there’s rarely

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How One Hotel Raises Its Farm-to-Table Fare

No food and beverage trend has gotten more play in the past few years—from group meeting banquet planners all the way down to regular Joe restaurant foodies—than farm-to-table. With an eye towards living a sustainable, environmentally friendly

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Summer’s Most Expensive Hotels

If you searched the world for the most expensive retreat to impress your top clients this summer, you might not start in Utah. Who would guess a resort in Canyon Point, Utah, ranks as the priciest hotel on the planet right now? But a May survey by

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Who’s In Your Stable? Lessons From the Triple Crown

One could only marvel at the images of jubilation from Belmont Park as American Pharoah crossed the finish line well ahead of the pack to win this year's Belmont Stakes, and thus become the first Triple Crown winner in 37 years. Belmont week was

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9 Apps for Easier Travel

"There's an app for that" became an eye-rolling meme long before Internet shorthand like "ridic" (for ridiculous) and "obvs" (for obviously) wormed their way into the Scrabble dictionary. For many, the explosion of apps has made the more tedious

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Sheraton Announces New “Grand” Plans at Hospitality Conference

A brand known mostly for “big box” convention hotels, Sheraton has trophy properties in cities ranging from New York to Phoenix to Orlando. But Sheraton has apparently fallen behind competing brands like core Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt among meeting

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One Thing at a Time: Why Singular Focus Improves Productivity

    Be honest: you're doing something else right now while reading this sentence, aren't you? Maybe texting? Checking email? Or watching that adorable panda video? For meeting planners, multitasking is far more than a time-saver;

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The Future and Innovations That May Rock Your World

I'm beginning to warm to this whole threshold of the future thing. We've been on the verge of so many fundamental technological, sociological and psychological breakthroughs in this adolescent century that it's tempting to nod and smile and get

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The Intriguing Habits of Millennial Meeting Planners (Infographic)

Everyone in our industry is talking about the rise of the millennial (Gen Y) planner generation. Their online-first behaviors, early-technology adopter mentalities, and aversion to conflict are fundamentally changing the way hoteliers and

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Free for All: 10 Public Art Displays in the Big Apple

One of the under-appreciated fringe benefits of a meeting planner's calling is the occasional opportunity to rub elbows with New York City's mindboggling collection of great art. While security at the Guggenheim, the Met, the Whitney and the

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Dissension in the Ranks: 7 Tips for Peaceful Resolution

You feel it in the pit of your stomach the moment you enter the room. Something's not right. The calm and tranquility that prevailed just hours before have suddenly hardened into a palpable sense of discord and frustration, leaving your

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Forbes’ Most Stressful Jobs for 2015: And the “Winners” Are…

When I saw the results of the survey, my first reaction was stunned disbelief. How could event coordinators rank only No. 8 on Forbes' Most Stressful Jobs of 2015? Who has it worse? I'll give Forbes their first three: I wouldn't trade seats

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The Next Best Thing to Being There: 5 Tips for Site Visit Workarounds

You’ve done your research. You’ve narrowed down the possible locations—using’s handy search engine of course—and now it’s time to take the final, in-depth look at your top two or three venues. Though nothing beats a real, live site

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5 Tips to Better Tweeting

I tweet, therefore I am. While one might nitpick over the existential certainty of that statement, the fact remains that Twitter has become one of this young century's most exciting new channels for human expression, with 288 million monthly users

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When a River Runs Through It

Among sport fishing experts, fly fishing is in a class by itself. Few other kinds of sport fishing require the same mix of patience, precision and know-how, skills not dissimilar from those required in planning and conducting effective strategic

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7 Ways to Keep Travel Expenses in Check

Planners travel. A lot. To keep clients (and the accounting department) happy, one planner must-do is to keep travel costs under control no matter how large or small the budget. Here are a few thoughts to help keep travel expenses in line without

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Loews Launches New Luxe Brand

The rebound in the luxury lodging segment notched another milestone on April 15 when Loews Hotels & Resorts unveiled plans to create a luxury Loews Regency brand separate from its portfolio of 23 hotels and resorts in the U.S. and

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7 Airport Innovations That Really Should Take Off

If meeting planning has its own version of Hell, it almost certainly resembles an international airport terminal, at rush hour, on the eve of a national holiday weekend. Fortunately, a whole tarmac-full of clever innovators out there have been

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In Praise of Gratitude

Funny, the things you stumble onto along the road of life that somehow become every bit as indispensible as good shoes or a rain slicker. One of mine, oddly enough, is a lovely ballad called "Streets of London" by a journeyman British folksinger

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10 Helpful Hints for Your Hospitality Desk

Hospitality desks can add tremendous value for corporate event and meeting attendees. A hospitality desk can be: a place for guests to receive a welcome drink, moist towel, welcome amenities, and information packages upon arrival a central

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