How To Dress Up a Ballroom That Isn’t, Well, Versailles

Lets face it, every venue can’t be Versailles. Every planner isn’t Martha Stewart. But when tasked with re-purposing an odd space or hotel boardroom into an environment suitable for a sit-down dinner, minus budget for an event designer, it’s time to

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Travel Insurance: What To Know Before You Go

For many of us, preparing for the holidays involves rousting lights and wreaths from their attic lair, immersing ourselves in Ina Garten’s cardio-be-damned dessert recipes and judiciously tapping our myriad air miles for our annual journeys to share

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Last-Minute Winter Destinations That Offer Bargains & More

If you’re planning a last-minute meeting for this winter, you may expect to pay more for travel and rooms so close to the date. But there are ways to lessen costs, particularly if you’re somewhat open in regards to time and location. Flexibility

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5 Great Ways to Make Your Event A Bit Greener

Greening up your meetings and events isn't as overwhelming as you might imagine; even small steps really do add up. As consciousness about conserving resources has grown, so has our ability as planners to incorporate more green elements into our

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Spanning the Generational Divide

Look around most meeting halls and workplaces and you’ll often see faces across a full spectrum of age groups, from new hires fresh out of college to veteran employees nearing retirement. Having such age diversity in a company has lots of benefits.

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Holiday Helper: 5 Tips for Better Client Gifting

Now that we’re in the 11th month of the year, with Thanksgiving fast approaching, the runaway train that is the holiday season is about to hit warp speed. The question is: are you ready for it? Have you started to think about what to give those

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4 Ways to Tame Your Audiovisual Costs

Ah, audiovisual charges – they’re rarely good. In fact, they tend to be the biggest wildcard in any event budget, with the power to instantly blow your bottom line to smithereens. Small wonder the thought of the final A/V bill tends to fill a

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Time to Jettison the Jet Lag

The good news about meeting planning is, you get to travel the world. The bad news is, well, same thing. Because if you fly frequently or far for a living, there to greet you on either end is your old pal, jet lag, reminding you why the root of the

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2016 Holiday Planning: Key Dates to Work With & Around

When the temperatures start to drop and leaves fall, a planners mind turns to – Oh, no – the holidays – and the flat-out race to the end of the year. The toughest part about the season? Getting the venue you want on the day you want it. As with any

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Victoria, BC: One Seriously Scenic Port of Call

Halyards clang against sailboat masts along the peaceful stone seawall of Victoria’s inner harbor, gently awakening guests at the majestic Fairmont Empress Hotel, whose stately presence looms high above the pier. Consider it a nautical snooze alarm,

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Toxic Coworker? Expert Advice on Rising Above

One of the tragic truisms of happy hour is that so many of us spend it venting to kindred souls our frustration at the toxic coworkers among us who seem intent on disrupting the flow and clogging the gears of what could be our well-oiled machine. For

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Beef Up Your Knowledge of Dietary Requests

Pulling off an upbeat, congenial event dinner ranks right up there with skydiving and zip-lining on a good night, being entirely dependent on the unforeseeable, one-time planetary alignment of guests, catering and event staff. Special dietary

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Taking the Virtual Plunge

In the world of digital hotel site tours, there’s virtual reality, and then there’s Virtual Reality! The former has been around for some time and is a fairly common feature on many hotel websites. The immersive experience of the latter is something

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7 Takeaways from “Oldchella”

Last weekend (Oct. 7-9), promoters presented Desert Trip in Indio, Calif., a rock ‘n roll extravaganza specifically targeting Baby Boomers with heavyweight acts famous since the ‘60s on the order of the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil

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The Good News on 2017 Hotel Rates

With RFP season for negotiated group hotel rates getting underway for 2017, planners and other buyers of corporate travel can take heart from a report issued last month by the Tisch Center of Hospitality and Tourism at New York University. After a

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Hospitality Leaders Share Secrets of 5-Star Service

Wouldn’t it be great to have the wisdom of the world’s best customer service savants at your fingertips? Micah Solomon thought so, too. What’s more, as a world-leading customer service trainer, speaker and consultant himself, as well as a regular

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10 Simple Ways to Boost Brain Power

Full confession upfront: I spent the past summer bouncing between spit-take laughter and tiny-hair-tinging creep-outs while thoroughly enjoying the timely, audacious CBS TV political satire, “BrainDead.” In it, a Capitol Hill underling who works for

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Destination: Bermuda

Savvy event strategists looking for a thoroughly British destination without the headaches of transatlantic travel will find a charming bit of Blighty a mere 650 miles off the Carolina coast on the quaint, picturesque island chain of Bermuda. Due

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Marriott Completes Starwood Acquisition

Ten months after heated negotiations and prolonged approval seeking from regulators, Marriott International today closed on its $13.3 billion deal to acquire Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. Planners can now expect the competitive landscape

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Stockholm: The City That Floats on Water

As a native of Karlstad, Sweden, with dozens of extended stays in Stockholm under my belt, you’d think I may be “home blind” to the city’s many treasures, or “hemmablind,” as we say in Swedish. But, and perhaps because I have lived in the States for

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