New ARS Technology Makes Meetings More Effective

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This article was written by Hannah Widell
Marketing Administrator, IML

New ARS Technology Makes Meetings More Effective

Meetings are changing. Gone are the days where the presenter gives a didactic PowerPoint presentation and talks at the audience. Meetings are moving from broadcast style to an interactive environment. Companies and organizations are beginning to recognize that their audience, whether comprised of hard-recruited employees or valued clients, can contribute to the meeting and give valuable input and direction. In today’s fast-paced and cost-conscious world, meetings should not be limited to merely communicating a strategy. To realize a real return on investment from your event, your schedule should include at least one element of executing that strategy.

How often are meetings wasted opportunities, where attendees don‘t leave with tangible takeaways or a sense that their voices were heard? With the investment you make, it is essential to capture the discussions, feedback, and decisions offered at the meeting. The only way to do this effectively is to harness it with technology.

Social media is one such technology, playing an important role in the build-up to the event, getting attendees on message, helping content preparation, as well as building anticipation and kicking off dialogue. At the meeting it helps with networking and logistics, and, of course, post-event it is invaluable for follow-up and prolonging the life cycle of the event and thus the investment. For focused and controlled working sessions, multipurpose event-specific tools are required. Ones that are scalable, secure, accurate, instantaneous and easy to use, providing consistency for both planners and users.

Enter audience response systems (ARS). An ARS like IML’s Connector can give you the tools to make your meeting a working environment, with your attendees solely focused on the job at hand. By using an ARS, you can take advantage of your attendees’ collective knowledge; hear their opinions and ideas through comments they text in to the presenter (who can choose which ones to display or respond to); get instant results to polling questions; or let attendees speak through the microphone right from their seats during a Q&A session or debate. If desired, you can also track individuals’ and groups’ responses, whether to certify, identify trends, or follow up. An ARS with multiple features and functions like the IML Connector enables everyone to contribute, showing your employees or clients that you value their ideas and opinions, creating an all-inclusive culture.

With so many benefits for you and your audience, can you afford not to use an ARS at your next meeting?

by Guest Writer on June 27, 2011

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