EliteMeetings.com 4.0…Coming soon!

I’m honestly chomping at the bit to release EliteMeetings.com version 4.0, but the team convinced me that we should wait to launch the new site until its fine tuned and ready for prime time. While I agree we should not launch until all of the new enhancements are complete, I simply can’t wait that long to share the great new look and feel…let alone the time-saving new features incorporated into the 4th generation of EliteMeetings.com.

As a result, I’ve decided to go ahead and provide a “Sneak Peek” of EliteMeetings.com 4.0, so click on the image above (or previous link) and you’ll be able to preview the site’s new look and features, including:

  • Clean new design with enhanced imagery
  • Greatly enhanced “Search & Refine” in search results
  • Completely new hotel and resort detail pages
  • More emphasis on peer ratings and reviews
  • Enhanced destination information
  • Intuitive integration of SpeedRFP
  • Greatly enhanced new Community

In addition to the above, we will have a few surprise features that I’m sworn to secrecy on. Let me just say these new features should raise a few eyebrows, and will benefit the industry. And it goes without saying, all of the aforementioned new designs and features were created with the ultimate goal of saving you time.

Until we officially launch EliteMeetings.com 4.0 in the coming months, please feel free to send us a note with your feedback, as we’re always interested in hearing from you!




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