Sending Targeted RFPs to Multiple Venues Yields Competitive Bids

Smart-eRFP-blog_475x472As a meeting planner, one of the biggest benefits of online RFP tools is the ability to send your Request for Proposal (RFP) to multiple hotels at one time. With a few clicks, your completed RFP can be sent to several locations simultaneously. A formerly tedious process becomes simplified. However, convenience can come with complication. Sending an RFP to a venue ill-suited to your meeting needs or unavailable for your meeting dates can clog the process, burden hoteliers, and yield unhelpful bids.

Venue Research Improves Efficiency. With the development of quick, online RFP tools, many hoteliers report a bombardment of RFPs to process. Without proper targeting, valuable time is spent sorting through events the venue simply cannot accommodate due to capacity or availability. To ensure your RFP is prioritized and yields a competitive bid, we encourage planners to research their venues before sending an RFP. offers a comprehensive online directory of online RFP-enabled hotels and resorts. However, other planners recommend working closely with a Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CVB) to locate an ideal match for your meeting.

At the minimum, before sending an RFP, a planner should be able to pinpoint key characteristics of each venue, including:


  • Number of meeting rooms and the capacity of each
  • Number of guest rooms
  • Price ranges
  • Amenities
  • Area attractions
  • Dining options
  • Proximity to airports
  • Venue’s availability for specific dates

The ability to send your RFP to multiple hotels at one time is made even more effective after you’ve narrowed and targeted your recipients to only those venues who are most likely to match your vision. These few moments of simple research can help you secure competitive bids and ultimately book a successful meeting.

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Martha Brooks

Martha Brooks

Martha Brooks is the senior manager of marketing operations for Cvent/Elite Meetings.

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