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As we find ourselves in that time of year were lists are made, and checked twice, I find myself adding a few helpful hints to my site inspection list. As planners we all look for ways to improve our meetings, and sometimes, that begins with us and the tools we commonly use. As the New Year is upon us, I take what I have learned from the year and add some tips to my personal hotel checklist, whilst removing dated tips from the list, too.

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Below you will find some helpful tips and things one should consider while doing their site inspections.

  1. How long did it take to get from the airport to the hotel, in both peak and non-peak hours?
  2. What are my transportation options, and costs?
  3. When arriving at the hotel, was I greeted? Offered assistance?
  4. Is the front desk check-in area properly set up to handle my number of attendees checking-in?
  5. Does the hotel offer a group check-in station to expedite the processes?
  6. Is the lobby well maintained?
  7. Is the signage in the hotel easy to understand?
  8. How accessible are the elevators/escalators/stairs to meeting rooms/lobby/sleeping rooms? How easy will it be to move masses of people?
  9. Has the hotel been renovated? Will any renovations be taking place during my meeting?
  10. Are there any other meetings in-house during my meeting?
  11. Are there Wi-Fi and phones available in the meeting rooms? Additional cost?
  12. Does the hotel have any exclusive supplier clauses?
  13. May the loading docks be easily accessed for load-in/out?
  14. Are there permanent screens and/or white boards available?
  15. Is each meeting room climate-controlled?
  16. Are there any obstructions in the meeting rooms? How low are light fixtures? Can they be raised or lowered?
  17. Are there bathrooms near the meeting rooms?
  18. Can your meeting doors be locked and secured?
  19. How many restaurants are located in the hotel? Near the hotel?
  20. Is the hotel near attractions? Tours? Group outings?
  21. Reach out to the CVB rep.
  22. Ask to see a room facing street noise to gauge if it will be okay for your attendees.
  23. Is there a business center? What does it offer?
  24. What concessions/offers in the hotel going to make to “win” my groups business?
  25. Does it meet all my group’s needs/desires?

I would love to hear what tips you use while on your hotel site visits?

Happy Planning!!!

Danielle Childress

Danielle Childress

Danielle Childress (Dani) has planned everything from board meetings for 6 to product launches for 500 to the NFL Experience at the Super Bowl for 100,000.

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  • Amber Donell
    April 10, 2017 at 6:06 am

    Hotel Site inspections are the last check before you make your final decision on a hotel for your meeting, event or conference. This step is important because, ultimately, only you know your attendees and what’s important to them.

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