Social Media—It’s All the Buzz!

I am always excited when I hear that someone has chosen meeting planning as their career path. I give lectures to a college hospitality program from time-to-time and keep in touch with some of the students. One student is in her first year—of her first “real” job—as a meeting planner. She reached out to me to talk about social media and planning (never mind the irony of a young twenty-something asking me about social media!)

Social media is all the rage. Such an influential tool is certainly here to stay. We all know the benefits that social media can have, but with so many avenues, where does one turn first? I’ve decided to break down the event from beginning to end, and provide these simple yet powerful social media and tech strategy tips.


  1. Email – Use email teasers to get attendees excited about your event. Create an event registration form and set up a confirmation email to send information about your meeting. Be sure to start early. Many planners in my circle begin sharing content a full 6 to 10 weeks before an event. For maximum attendance, early promotion is key.
  2. Hashtags – Create a hashtag for your event. Then use the hashtag to keep conversation centered on your event. I have found that Tweets with hashtags receive about twice the engagement of those without hashtags. #elitemeetings
  3. During— Live stream to generate a buzz for the meeting and to reach a wider audience. Use “Check-in” apps to promote the event when it is happening. Use online polling during the event to keep attendees interested and engaged. And finally, Tweet away!
  4. After — Continue to use your event hashtag, as you will encourage fresh conversation around your brand and maintain buzz for future events. Add videos and photos to Facebook and Instagram, while encouraging attendees to tag themselves.
  5. Finally – Leverage your data by adding attendees to an email marketing list and be sure to send post-event surveys.

Happy Planning!!!

Danielle Childress

Danielle Childress

Danielle Childress (Dani) has planned everything from board meetings for 6 to product launches for 500 to the NFL Experience at the Super Bowl for 100,000.

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