EMA Insights & Takeaways 1: January 2015 EMA


Welcome Home.

Big wide smiles, calm relaxed eyes and a whole-hearted love for life is what you can expect to behold here at this year’s January Elite Meetings Alliance in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  From the second I stepped foot onto Jamaican land, I’ve observed what I can only describe as an afterglow. That brisk feeling of euphoria after you experience something truly heavenly – The feeling you get causing the bottom half of your face to bend into a permanent smile you haven’t gleefully displayed since you were a child. Except here at Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall, the afterglow seems to last forever.

There are so many words to describe the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall, the Jamaican people, the exquisite food, and the breath-taking views. I better introduce myself first. My name is Deanna Graves and I will be bringing you this Elite Meetings Alliance’s Insights & Takeaways.

I work at Elite Meetings International as a Senior Marketing Associate and I must say, there truly is no substitution for the real thing. I’ve spent months drooling over photos of this resort and writing all about the EMA. I’ve seen reports, read the review, and heard the success stories of previous EMA attendees. As you can imagine, my expectations for the Elite Meetings Alliance are very high.

But now here in the midst of it all, I am finding myself wanting to share my experience with you the way I would with my family and friends. “Just get here already! You’ll see exactly what all of the fuss is about!”

But hey, why not add a few details to heighten the hype?

Here’s my list of Takeaways:

staff1). Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall employs the best of the best. The service has been exceptional. The staff greets you with the phrase “Welcome Home.” Oh, if only home meant 20,000 square feet resting between an exotic backdrop of lush tropical mountains and crystal blue turquoise water. Not to mention the all-inclusive gourmet dining and of course… a butler service.

2). The beach & weather made this Californian’s jaw drop. As we all know, Californians image8obnoxiously boast about the perfect weather we have day in and day out (here I go bragging again). All I can say is that the sun is shining and the bright turquoise water is warm. And of course, if you’re not in the mood to swim in one of the massive pools that expand across the resort, you can just as easily take out your own personal catamaran to the neighboring reef to view all of the colorful fish.

image73). You may find yourself feasting on jerk chicken without silverware on the way to your next meeting. This one kind of explains itself. I wasn’t a believer either, but once the smell of the Barefoot JerkZ wafts your way, you’ll opt in for a quick jerk chicken grub down on the way to your next meeting. Of course silverware is optional. Segue to #4…

4). Your eyes may be bigger than your stomach. I’ve learned this one the hard way so I’m passing it to you. The food is delicious. There are endless gourmet dining options from typical Carribbean cuisine, Italian, Asian, French, and Brazilian so pace yourself and enjoy the FullSizeRenderdelicious variety.

5). The Elite Meetings Alliance will undoubtedly start your new year off right. This year we have over 150 people attending the event. That is a ton of business to book and why not start your year off feeling accomplished? What’s even better, is that recreation and relaxation are celebrated as key components to the EMA experience and the healthy feeling of accomplishment.

You deserve every bit of it so enjoy, relax and “Welcome Home Mon!


Deanna Graves

Deanna Graves

Deanna Graves worked at Elite Meetings International as a Senior Marketing Associate. When she’s not writing for Elite, you can find her hiking or snowboarding in the Colorado Rockies, spending time with family, and enjoying a Sunday beach barbecue when visiting her old Santa Barbara stomping grounds.

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