Is it Time for Fitness Wearables?

I asked a meeting planner recently what device she used to track her fitness.applewatch1

She gave me that grin exclusively reserved for clueless male questions and replied, “My heels!”

Point well taken: Of all the jobs the world over, meeting planners probably log more miles per day and shed more calories per hour than poultry herders, daycare workers, and the Kardashians combined. Ironically, the one function most meeting pros would use on the new Apple Watch, Fitbit Flex or Jawbone UP24 multitasking fitness wearables is the watch.

That said, there’s a wealth of health advantages packed inside these amazing devices for those who want to maintain optimum fitness on the fly.

For instance, they’ll monitor how long and well you sleep; silently wake you for your morning run without disturbing your partner; track your activity by steps taken, distance, workout time and calories burned; and discretely display your progress toward your daily goals, all while keeping you on time for those endless meetings.


If you’re more couch potato than skinny fry, there are several other compelling reasons to strap a fitness wearable to your wrist. The craftily concealed but enormous back end of the Fitbit craze, so to speak, involves keeping one aspect of your profile plumper: your wallet.

You may already work for an employer who happily shaves your health insurance cost if you agree to participate in the company fitness program and share your vital signs from your device remotely with a third-party monitor. Some employers even spring for the device or reimburse you for it once you reach your fitness goals.

If you live with a chronic health condition, Apple Watch may not only be a timesaver; it could be a lifesaver.

Apple’s Health and HealthKit software platforms enable you to monitor your condition on your Apple Watch or iPhone and share that data in real time with your doctor, coach, nutritionist or other health specialist. That way, they have your current health metrics in hand should something go wrong.applewatch3

What’s more, Apple’s ResearchKit tool enables you to remotely volunteer to participate in research studies into your condition with fellow Apple Watchers around the world.

But here’s the real money saver: health insurers and even life insurers are on the verge of offering you more attractive rates and ongoing incentive rewards in exchange for giving them a peek at your daily health stats. It’s sort of like Progressive’s Snapshot onboard monitoring auto insurance program, only for peeps.

One additional fitness device perk for meeting planners?

None of it will slow you down.

Jay MacDonald

Jay MacDonald

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