What Makes You Mad?

angrygirlborderWhat drives meeting planners the craziest? Waiting for others to decide, according to a Destination Marketing Association International survey. Completed April 3, the “tournament” called on more than 400 planners to choose from 16 gripes, which, beside the grand prizewinner above, included

* Stakeholders who think they’re planners

* Being called a party planner

* Extensive travel demands

* Not getting paid enough

* Emails and more emails

* Uninformed salespeople

* Cold calls

* Seller’s market

* Hotel walking my VIPs

* Now, who’s my contact?

* Meeting room changes

* Surprises, surprises, surprises

* Inadequate response to my RFP

* Champagne taste on a beer budget

* Enough space for my ugly-baby meeting



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Annette Burden

Annette Burden

Annette Burden has written and edited for Elite Meetings International since 2007. In addition to writing on travel for other publications, she founded and edited Meeting Traveler, Resorts & Great Hotels, and Destination Weddings & Honeymoons magazines.

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