5 Tips to Better Tweeting

tipsTwitter2I tweet, therefore I am.

While one might nitpick over the existential certainty of that statement, the fact remains that Twitter has become one of this young century’s most exciting new channels for human expression, with 288 million monthly users and growing.

Whether you use Twitter for networking with your team and peers, staying abreast of the meetings and hospitality industries in real time, extending your influence and brand, or all of the above, it’s likely that you’ve spent more time tweeting than contemplating how to use Twitter effectively.

That’s where social media expert Germany Kent comes in. The Mississippi-born life coach, motivational speaker, and personal growth guru recently published “You Are What You Tweet: Harness the Power of Twitter to Create a Happier, Healthier Life.” Lovely title, eh? And truer words were never tweeted.

The trouble with Twitter is that its brevity – at 140 characters, about as long as a good sneeze – seduces us into taking it too lightly. By nature, we tend to criticize in brief – think yelling at the ref – and engage thoughtfully at length. Hence, we have far more examples of Twitter misuse to avoid than we have admirable Twitter behavior to emulate.

To help us get our tweets straight, Kent offers these five tips to optimize your Twitter feed and thereby conquer the known Twitterverse:

  • Don’t fake it. The Twitter platform can help you consolidate your own identity and pinpoint your goals. Invest the time to develop your image and voice. The more defined your image and clear your voice and point of view, the more followers – and ultimately the more influence – you will have.
  • Tweet with focus and intention. If a topic is trending that’s related to your field, tweet about it. Pose questions. Quote insights. Include hashtags. This is how you find your network. While you don’t want to always be serious, you’re not on Twitter to regurgitate water cooler gossip.
  • Avoid over-tweeting. While ’tis better to tweet often than rarely, strive to strike a balance in order to give social media time to appreciate your contributions. Kent recommends one tweet per hour for best results. If you’re live-tweeting an event, vary the content, keywords and hashtags, and be sure to cover it in a helpful rather than a subjective manner.
  • Work in your personality. On social media, we like people to be themselves. Let your personality, humor, epiphanies and insights shine through. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion, and always invite others to voice theirs. That’s the sign of a leader.
  • Be your best self. Always maintain a presence. Engage. Mix it up occasionally with a favorite visual or an insight from your personal journal. Make Twitter a daily or hourly habit. Craft every post with purpose and intention. Keep a clean feed by deleting junk and snark. And never, never overshare; it loses followers.

Tip of the hat to Cathy Lewis for tipping me off on “You Are What You Tweet.”

Jay MacDonald

Jay MacDonald

Jay MacDonald is an award-winning journalist, author and blogger who incorporates humor and human interest into a broad range of topics. Follow him on Twitter @omnisaurus

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