Forbes’ Most Stressful Jobs for 2015: And the “Winners” Are…

shutterstock_95898778 When I saw the results of the survey, my first reaction was stunned disbelief.

How could event coordinators rank only No. 8 on Forbes’ Most Stressful Jobs of 2015? Who has it worse?

I’ll give Forbes their first three: I wouldn’t trade seats with a firefighter (#1), enlisted military personnel (#2) or a military general (#3), unless his last name was Mills.

I’ll even concede airline pilots (#4), if only for the five minutes of terror they experience on takeoffs and landings, and the ever-present danger that they’ll spill a hot macchiato in their lap. Nor do I have any desire to switch places with police officers (#5).

But here’s where this stress test goes seriously off the rails.

stress2How in the world does Forbes figure that actors (#6) and TV broadcasters (#7) belong on this list at all, much less ahead of event planners? Is it the persistent, soul-crushing worry over graying hair? Wrinkles? The persnickety Keurig coffeemaker in the break room? What?

So OK; no need to rail on about the film and TV trades. I’ll leave that to TMZ, ticket buyers and the Nielsen people.

But who, pray tell, did our hardworking, hair-pulling event planners beat out?

Well, it turns out their stress level is just marginally worse than photojournalists (#9) and newspaper reporters (#10).

Speaking as someone who has worked both of those jobs at one time and another, my immediate reaction was, “What? Have librarians and morticians been slacking off?” These days, photojournalists don’t even have film to worry about anymore and the only deadline pressure that newspaper reporters face is whether they’ll make it to retirement before the rag folds.

I suppose it’s some consolation that Forbes would recognize event planners for the dedication, commitment, patience and grace they display in the face of seemingly insurmountable onsite chaos.

If that’s not acting worthy of an Oscar nod, I don’t know what is.

Jay MacDonald

Jay MacDonald

Jay MacDonald is an award-winning journalist, author and blogger who incorporates humor and human interest into a broad range of topics. Follow him on Twitter @omnisaurus

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