Team Building Hits a High Note

drumContinuing the theme of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the Elite Meeting Alliance gathering in Las Vegas, an incredible team-building activity produced by Hello! Las Vegas DMC was not only fun, but served a great cause.

Before the EMA, the Hello! team identified Foothill High School in Las Vegas as a school in need. With funding being cut for what is considered non-essential curriculum, music education was suffering. Students could not afford their own musical instruments and the shared instruments at the school were not in the best of shape.

So, they devised a ‘contest’ where the student winner would receive their very own musical instrument. This is a big deal for them!

This is how it worked: When we checked in at registration, we were each given the name of a musical instrument. (I was a tuba!) At the Sunday night ‘Jam Session’ rows of chairs were marked with the names of the instruments. I found the two rows marked tuba. Behind us were the violins, next to us were the saxophones, etc. I thought we were going to create an orchestra in the room.

They then brought in and introduced the 10 students who had written essays at their school for the competition. Each student was assigned an instrument. The students then joined one of the groups announceof instruments.

Each group was assigned the task of collaborating with their student to create a jingle. Groups moved from the meeting room out into the cabanas by the pool and were given 45 minutes, followed by each group performance. The student in the winning group would win his or her very own instrument.

After the winning team was announced, they also announced that every student would receive their own instrument. You can imagine the joy that announcement brought.violin2

Brent Gillette, from Sun Valley Resort said, “ We wanted our student to have an instrument so bad we were going to pass the hat and buy him one if we didn’t win for him.”

Corey Braithwaite, from Turnberry Isle Miami commented, “It was a great experience. It was very emotional. It is a good feeling when you can pay it forward.”

“Awesome—one of the best teambuilding events ever. We worked together and WE WON! It is great to help kids,” stated Sam Toscano, of Turning Stone Resort and Casino.

This was followed by a buffet supper by the pool. It was very much a ‘feel good’ night.

Patti Shock

Patti Shock

Patti Shock is the Academic Consultant for The International School of Hospitality and Professor Emeritus at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She was inducted into the Convention Industry Council Hall of Leaders in 2014. Follow her on LinkedIn: Pinterest: Twitter:

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