Layover Lifesavers: 4 Apps Bound to Ease Your Travel


Bluntly put, layovers suck. Big time. You know it, I know it, the airlines and airport staffs know it.

Question is, what can you do about it?

The answer is, plenty.

Thanks to the fingertip magic of mobile apps, that seven-hour layover at Insert Airport Here need not be a sentence to a sedentary squirm fest or Games with Friends yawn-athon. Depending on your circumstances and disposition, you can enjoy local sightseeing, take in a movie, snag a workout, dine on the town – or yes, even grab some much-needed Zs in a heavenly day-use hotel that won’t leave permanent vinyl-seat creases in your epidermis.

One of my favorite layover tools is Smart Layover, a free app that opens up a world of possibilities for the inconveniently grounded.

Now that you are grounded, the first step is to get grounded with Smart Layover’s airport terminal map. Next, fill in the Flight Status details and rest easy that the app will keep you up to date on your departure flight. If you plan to remain in the terminal, the app offers destination-specific discounts on food, drink and gifts.

But if you’re up for adventure, click on the Tours & Attractions tab for organized sightseeing and exercise options, or select instead Popular Layover Destinations to plot your own course to local areas of interest.

If your layover city offers it, you can even book some restful shuteye at a day-use hotel and only pay for the hours you snooze.

Rather wile away your layover in one of those cushy VIP lounges? The free LoungeBuddy app can make it happen. You simply enter any elite status, credit card and lounge memberships you have along with your travel itinerary and the app directs you to the layover lounges available to you and your guests. Not an elite lounge member? That’s OK; LoungeBuddy will pull up the layover lounges available to you for a one-time fee.

Looking to do a little sightseeing in a rental car without getting hopelessly lost or gridlocked in traffic, thus missing your flight? Download Waze, a free, dynamic little community-based GPS map that offers real-time traffic conditions to get you wherever and back on time without blowing a gasket.

In the event that all you need to endure your stay in purgatory is a well-priced, properly-built Perfect Manhattan, yes – there happens to be an app for that.

At a glance, the Happy Hours app serves up all known happy hours available at your layover destination, complete with start and closing times.

And perhaps sensing the fragile decision-making abilities of their customer base, the Happy Hours developers tossed in a little something extra for the terminally flummoxed: just shake the drink pictured on your phone and Happy Hours will choose your destination for you!

Much app-preciated!

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