Holiday Party Tips

With the holidays just a couple short weeks away, parties will soon be in full swing at many offices.  While they are often a little more relaxed than other office events, parties still require sufficient coordination for success.  Attention to detail can leave your guests feeling appreciated and help them embody the holiday spirit.  Whether you’re hosting a party for 20 or 200, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure your attendees have the best experience possible.

Decor – Depending on the nature of your party (luncheon, dinner party, etc.), your decor choices can bring a typical office space a much more festive feel.  Keep your decor simple and work appropriate (i.e. no mistletoe!).  If you go off-site, decor can be avoided completely by choosing a restaurant or other space that is already decorated to your liking.  If you choose to go that route, select a location that is relatively easy for your guests to get to – often close to the office is a great choice.

Gifts – If your company provides gifts to employees, double check you have one for everyone on your list and bring extras in the event you have any unexpected guests. If you host a gift exchange, ensure everyone knows the expectations so guests come prepared and can enjoy themselves. Set a minimum and maximum gift value and provide some examples of appropriate options based on your group.

Catering – As with any event, food and beverage is always a vital component at parties. It can be even more memorable in an intimate holiday party environment.  Ensure your holiday menu accounts for employee allergies, special diet needs, and has plenty of options available. Buffet setups work well for larger groups and can be dressed up or down depending on the theme of your event. If you choose to include a bar service, be sure to provide several non-alcoholic beverages as well.

Transportation – If you are serving alcohol, it’s never a bad idea to line up some transportation options for your guests. In many cities, UberEvents is a great option. You can purchase pre-paid vouchers for your guests and give them a code to redeem through the Uber app. Simply login to Uber and provide some basic details about your event, select the number of vouchers you want, and pay. It’s definitely a convenient way to extend a transportation option to your group with minimal coordination on your part – because let’s face it, it’d be nice for you to enjoy the party too!

Sara Bell

Sara Bell

Sara Bell is a Corporate Event Coordinator in the aviation industry and has planned everything from incentive programs and golf tournaments, to annual meetings for 200+ attendees. Based in Houston, Texas, she is a frequent traveler and enjoys exploring new destinations.

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