Travel Products for Time-Crunched Planners

If there’s one thing planners don’t have a lot of, it’s time to spare, so anything that will save us a few minutes worth of travel-related hassles is a welcome addition. Here are a few problem-solving, time-saving must-have innovations to help make life on the road a little more manageable:

scottevestJackets – that keep your valuables safer on the TSA line.
Nobody enjoys watching their cash, wallet, passport and boarding passes roll away on the conveyor belt in a wide-open open bin, while you’re stuck waiting to go thru the body scanner (and praying no one steals your stuff). So what’s the workaround? Stick your valuables in a specially designed jacket instead and send ‘em down the belt with confidence:

  • Try a sleek black travel vest or jacket by ScottVest, the granddaddy of security-conscious travel clothing. All of their clothes come tricked out with dozens of special, zippered pockets to keep your valuables out of sight and away from sticky fingers.
  • More of a hoodie-wearing hipster type? Then check out newcomer Baubax. They offer four different styles – blazer, bomber, windbreaker and sweatshirt – with plenty of geek-friendly pockets, plus a built-in eye mask and inflatable neck pillow that’s perfect for impromptu power-naps.

barracuda2Luggage – that’s virtually impossible to lose.
One way not to lose your luggage? Don’t check it. Ever. A good idea in theory, but for planners traveling with event materials and a professional-looking wardrobe, checking luggage is, more often than not, inevitable. So how to get a little peace of mind with your checked luggage? Add built-in tracking devices – so you’ll know where your stuff is even if the airline doesn’t. Among the big players in the trackable luggage-sphere:

  • The brand-new Barracuda: a tech-smart, easy-to-store, collapsible roll-aboard with built-in USB charger, a swiveling circular handle, an adjustable-height fold-out laptop/dining tray, and smart features like GSM-GPRS location tracking and Bluetooth proximity sensing so you can avoid the carousel crowd, anticipate your bag’s location, and step up moments before it appears.
  • The Bluesmart roll-aboard: equipped with several features that let you track its location, plus a digital locking system, an external laptop pocket, built-in scale, and a digital alert system should you accidentally leave your luggage behind.
  • Rather not carry any luggage at all? Then consider, a new premium, luxury service that packs and ships your suitcase (round-trip) for you – and even dry cleans and stores your duds between trips, for a price, of course.

A travel mug – that brews its own coffee.
If you’ve ever stumbled around a hotel at 5 a.m. desperate for coffee before heading out to a pre-dawn event set-up, you know the pain of a caffeine-free start to the day. Well, suffer no more because now there’s the battery-operated, self-brewing Hey Joe Travel Mug to help get you fully caffeinated, no matter what time your planning day begins. To enjoy your cup of Joe on demand, anywhere, anytime, just add water, slip in a biodegradable coffee pod, hit the brew button and in about 4 minutes, your fresh-brewed, Joe-on-the-go is served – all for about a quarter of what you might pay at a coffee bar.

stowawayMiniaturized makeup – that’s right-sized for travel.
Makeup. For most of us, it’s a necessary evil. So every time we head out on the road, we drag along overstuffed makeup bags packed with full-sized products and hope the TSA lets it all pass through. Even if you have pared down your makeup bag to the bare essentials, the stuff still winds up occupying more space than it should – but no more, thanks to Stowaways Cosmetics ‘Stowaway Kit.’ Featuring six “right sized” products, each of which is about one-third the size of traditional cosmetics, the Stowaway Kit comes with everything you need to hit the road in style, including: a BB cream foundation, concealer, cheek color, lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara.

See you at the airport!


Photos courtesy of the companies.

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