Instant Stress Busters for the Travel Weary


Need to recharge during your journey or before your business meeting? Need a quick relaxer at the end of a long day? Well-travelled medical writer Sandra Paton prescribes these quick exercises to revive and repair you following the taxing trials of travel. Stay calm, cool, and collected:

Kundalini Technique
Make a fist with your right hand. Cover it with the fingers of your left so thumbs are parallel and against each other. Keeping eyes slightly open, bring both hands to your face. Inhale through your nose and slowly exhale through your mouth, blowing gently into the space between your thumbs. Continue for three to five minutes.  “This helps focus your breathing, which slows your heart rate and calms you down,” says Paton.

Yin/Yang Technique
Your nose has two sides: the right nostril is the male/sun side; the left the female/moon side. “When you want to energize, breathe long and deeply through the right nostril,” suggests Paton. “When you want to relax or sleep, do the same through the left nostril.”

streebusterTension Tamer
To relieve severe tension, tuck your chin into your neck. Keep your eyes slightly open and focus your gaze downward without tilting your head forward. Bring your hands gently to your chest and relax them there with the fingers of each hand extended and pointed toward each other. Then inhale for 5 seconds; completely exhale for 5 seconds; hold your breath out for 15 seconds. Continue for as long as needed.

Quick Recharge
When you need to calm down immediately, make a teepee with your hands, fingertips together, elbows resting comfortably at your sides, hands near your heart. Inhale through your mouth and exhale through your nose. Breathe gently, long, and deeply. Continue with the breath, calming down further with each exhale. “During a business meeting, you can just bring your fingertips together and breathe discreetly as described to maintain your composure,” says Paton.

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