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A golfer friend once posited that the reason Scotland’s No. 1 export has become so firmly entrenched with executives worldwide lies in the contrast between the game and their everyday existence. Their lives are fast; golf is slow. Their lives are left-brain; golf is all right. Their world is competitive; golf is communal (and frequently commiserative). While their norm is complex, golf couldn’t be simpler: stick, ball, hole.

Little wonder that Mark Twain’s “good walk spoilt” ranks as the top global unwind for the chronically overworked, including 15 of the last 18 U.S. presidents. Whomever our next White House occupant turns out to be, rest assured that he or she has already nailed their fair share of arrow-straight tee shots and flubbed bunker blasts en route to the nation’s highest office.

Of course, golf is no walk in the woods for the meeting planners and event teams charged with the safe transit of those executive club bags and miscellanea to and from golf destinations, including doorstep service from unfamiliar hotels to even more obscure foreign courses.

Fortunately for these enlisted caddies, this low-tech logistical chore has seen an explosion of high-tech tools that take most of the heavy lifting out of the CEO-to-first-tee dance.

Not surprisingly, those stalwart worldwide shipping giants FedEx and UPS have been growing their worldwide caddy business for more than a decade now, leveraging their ubiquity, air-to-ground infrastructure and door-to-door service to take clubs from point A to point B, C and D with nary a hitch. While FedEx may enjoy slightly greater visibility, having sponsored the season-ending FedEx Cup Championship on the PGA tour since 2007, both US-based shipping giants dominate the club shipment market with their reliable service and competitive commercial rates to corporate customers.

Jockeying for a piece of that lucrative executive fairway pie are a gaggle of online caddy-tech portals that include Boston-based Luggage Forward, Florida-based Ship Sticks, Las Vegas-based Golf Bag Shipping and New York-based Luggage Free and Luggage To Ship. These creative long-distance caddy options offer online quotes, delivery to multiple destinations, mobile apps, and will even unite your clubs with your cruise ship at the next port of call. Competition among these easy-to-use, third-party providers has brought club-shipping prices well within reach of junior executives.

Consider these quotes to ship a large golf bag round-trip from Boston to Pebble Beach:

Luggage Forward: $198

Ship Sticks: $180; $380 overnight

Golf Bag Shipping: $284 two-day air

Luggage Free: $198; $400 overnight

Luggage To Ship: $184; $384 overnight

golfstandrews Headed to the birthplace of modern golf? Here’s what shipping your sticks round-trip from Dallas to St. Andrews, Scotland will run you:

Luggage Forward: $518

Ship Sticks: $550

Golf Bag Shipping: International rates begin at $258

Luggage Free: $198; $400 overnight

Luggage To Ship: $438; $506 five day

Of course, if making that remote tee time halfway around the world is paramount, a better (albeit far costlier) solution might be to hire one of Warren Buffett’s NetJets or similar private rent-a-jet service to ensure that neither time nor distance come between key corporate players and their clubs.

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