Work It, Girl: 4 Incredibly Useful Phone Accessories

As a smartphone-addicted planner, I’m always on the prowl for problem-solving accessories for my trusty iPhone which, much as I love it, I do, on occasion, still want to throw out the window. In our line of work, iPhone ownership is not without its irritations, particularly when using it for hours at a time on-site or on the road. Irritations like constantly having to clutch it while darting around a venue; accidentally leaving the phone in one area while working in another; losing earbuds, dragging them across the parking lot or stepping on them; carrying extra batteries, but not the charging cable and so on. Minor annoyances all, but still capable of interfering with one’s ability to work efficiently. Fortunately, I’ve recently come across (and become obsessed with) several inexpensive problem-solvers that simplify life on-site, and look good – not geeky – doing it.

With the holidays finally in the rear-view mirror, now’s the perfect time to gift yourself with a few of these ingenious accessories that will make your smartphone a less irritating, even more useful planning companion on-site and beyond:

The Bandolier
For most planners, the phone is your lifeline and by the end of an event day, your hand is virtually formed into a claw from clutching the device for 14 hours straight. Sure, you can cobble together a makeshift smartphone necklace with a glue gun and a badge-holder from Michael’s (guilty), but the far chicer, grown-up option would be to buy The Bandolier instead. It’s a stylish, wearable, hands-free, holder/holster for your phone that looks like a fashionable cross-body bag, complete with two slots for credit cards or cash. For planners on-the-go, it’s a hands-free game-changer. No more dropping, clutching, claw hands, or running back to wherever you think you left your phone. Just sling it over your shoulder and go. Problem solved. (Retail, approx. $78 -$148)

Wraps Wristband Earphones
Ah, the Apple earbuds. A marvelous invention but they’re constantly tangled up in knots and they’re usually inconveniently hanging out in my hotel room when I’m not. Worse, the white wires don’t go well with my standard all-black, all-the-time event uniform. So how to solve all three problems at once?  The answer is Wraps Wristband Earphones, the clever earbuds that look like a funky bracelet, come in a range of colors and are conveniently ‘stored’ on your wrist when not in use. I wear my Wraps constantly and everyone who sees them immediately wants a pair (including my Apple-employee cousin). My favorites? The ebony, beaded Wraps and the natural, walnut Wraps that go with just about every outfit. (Retail, approx. $25 – $35 per pair)

Fashionit Charging Cable Bracelet
I never forget to carry backup power with me. In fact, there’s usually at least two packs charged up and ready for action in my bag. Trouble is, most of the time, the charging cable is usually tucked safely away in my hotel room (most likely next to my Apple earbuds) – but not any more. Enter the Fashionit Charging Cable Bracelet. Also known as ‘smart jewelry,’ the bracelet is a simple black band, accented with a tiny decorative crystal, plus a lightning pin on one end and USB on the other. I wore one virtually non-stop at every event from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve (layered with my Wraps earbuds) and kept the power flowing, blissfully uninterrupted. Score! Not into bracelets? Then try the equally chic and ever-so-useful Phone Cable Necklace . (For iPhone and Android, retail approx. $10 -15 each)

iDecoz Phone Mirror
While some of us (and many Kardashians) may worry about how we look in our selfies, and others are more concerned with spinach being stuck in their teeth, all would agree that the solution is the iDecoz Phone Mirror, a super-convenient, peel-and-stick, removable, reusable mirror. Set in an elegant, lightweight, silver-plated frame, the 2 inch x 2 inch mirror adheres to the back of any smartphone or smartphone case on the market, so pick up a few to gift your planner buddies with and say “Cheese!” (Retail approx. $12 each).

Photos: Courtesy of The Bandolier

Kate Doyle Hooper

Kate Doyle Hooper

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