EMA Day 2: My newfound appreciation for planners

After a day of running around to deliver printouts, grab lunches, and help attendees, I was exhausted. I never believed that event planning was particularly easy, but my experiences on Day 2 of the Elite Meetings Alliance have given me a whole new appreciation for the people who do this day in and day out.

Making things run smoothly takes an army. The Cvent planners were running from the registration desk to the ballroom to the tech lounge and back. The most impressive part, though, is that no matter how busy they were or what fire they were trying to put out, they always stopped to answer an attendee’s question with a smile. And that, I think, may be the most difficult part of event planning: being busy and stressed and angry but never letting your guests know or feel it.

The other major thing I noticed is that regardless of how great the event has been planned, how much preparation has been done, and how many Cvent staffers are on hand to help, the event is only as good as our vendors and partners. The audiovisual staff, the hotel staff, the speakers, the decorators, the bands, and the transportation company all have a huge impact. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be when something with a vendor goes wrong — even though it wouldn’t be the planner’s fault, it could easily hurt the overall quality of the event.

Now, please excuse me while I go rest my aching feet and dream of taking a nap.

(Photo by Andrew Shafer)

Hannah Prince

Hannah Prince

Hannah joined Cvent after more than a decade in the journalism world. As a passionate editor, she's always willing to discuss the merits of the Oxford comma, the use of who vs. whom, or the definition of a dangling modifier. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, taking her dog to happy hour, and buying even more shoes.

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