Go wild with inviting animals to events

It’s every planner’s goal to host events that people remember, whether it’s with really useful content, great parties, or meaningful connections. At our recent Elite Meetings Alliance, Cvent found one more memorable addition: animals.

Not only do animals leave people talking about the event for weeks, they are also the perfect social media hook. Everyone wants to take photos and post them on Instagram, Facebook, or even the custom event app.

That was certainly the case at the EMA, where young wolves Spirit and Apache visited our Into the Wilderness theme party for belly scratches and photo ops. Colorado Wolf Adventures rescues wolf hybrids and socializes them with the public in its mission to educate others on the importance these predators play in the wild. And judging from the crowd that formed around them, the tactic is a win-win.

(All photos by Andrew Shafer)

The Broadmoor also supplied a pair of beautiful falcons for our first dinner, which made a great ice-breaker as everyone crowded around and snapped selfies with the birds. A few of our attendees even brought their pups along for the ride to the pet-friendly resort!

More and more hotels are recognizing the popularity of animals at their properties and events. For example, The London West Hollywood recently hired two bulldog puppies to be its mascots. Donate $250 to a local animal shelter, and Winston and Churchill are available to visit private events for up to an hour. At Red Mountain Resort in Utah, groups can arrange a Pound Puppy Hike, which pairs each guest with a dog from a no-kill shelter for a 1.5-mile hike.

While you’re considering adding animals to your next event, make sure to check out all the photos from our September EMA!

Hannah Prince

Hannah Prince

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