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When the Hotel Industry Booms

Attendees at June’s NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference left each day’s sessions smiling, no surprise considering the good news they had just been treated to: the U.S. hotel industry is thriving. April occupancy was the

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How One Hotel Raises Its Farm-to-Table Fare

No food and beverage trend has gotten more play in the past few years—from group meeting banquet planners all the way down to regular Joe restaurant foodies—than farm-to-table. With an eye towards living a sustainable, environmentally friendly

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Sheraton Announces New “Grand” Plans at Hospitality Conference

A brand known mostly for “big box” convention hotels, Sheraton has trophy properties in cities ranging from New York to Phoenix to Orlando. But Sheraton has apparently fallen behind competing brands like core Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt among meeting

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When a River Runs Through It

Among sport fishing experts, fly fishing is in a class by itself. Few other kinds of sport fishing require the same mix of patience, precision and know-how, skills not dissimilar from those required in planning and conducting effective strategic

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Loews Launches New Luxe Brand

The rebound in the luxury lodging segment notched another milestone on April 15 when Loews Hotels & Resorts unveiled plans to create a luxury Loews Regency brand separate from its portfolio of 23 hotels and resorts in the U.S. and

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San Diego Resort Goes the Brand Route

Independent luxury hotels and resorts pride themselves on offering individual experiences. Branded properties, on the other hand, are more likely to prize consistency and, therefore, be more standardized. This would seem inevitable, considering

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The Explosion in Soft Hotel Brands

What started as a trickle has become a wave. Yet another major hotel company has rolled out a soft brand, the industry term for a collection of independent hotels that want to retain their individual identity yet believe they can benefit from access

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Savoring a Summer Retreat

Summer isn’t the peak corporate meeting season, what with vacations and a slower pace generally. But there are exceptions. At the top of that list is the executive retreat—the opportunity to take a handful of top senior executives (possibly with

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Ty Warner’s Four Seasons Hotel New York Debuts New Event Space

One of the fascinating aspects of luxury hotels is their ability to reinvent their public spaces as demand changes, no less as the style and fashions of the moment change. A recent case in point debuted last month, when the Four Seasons Hotel New

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