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5 Apps Every Meeting Planner Should Have

Technology is here, there, everywhere! I consider myself a moderate user of the evolving tech world. I know enough to get around, but I’m certainly not the type to camp out for days to get the latest model of a phone. I certainly cannot intelligently

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Tips For Meeting Far, Far Away

As planners, we move in six different directions on any given day. So when we are asked to “provide more variety” or “increase attendance” in our meetings, we must find creative solutions. Taking your meeting abroad is a great solution. Yes, it may

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Farm to (Banquet) Table

The green movement continues to make inroads in our industry, from vendors to hotels to restaurants. The good news is that planners are increasingly joining this mission. Yet, as much as we are being conscientious about incorporating “green” into our

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Five Basic Tips to Jump-Start Your Planning

Over the last year, more and more of my friends, who do not have “meeting planner” in their title, have been asked to handle their companies’ meetings. I often get a call from them seeking my advice, “tricks of the trade,” and so on. With many

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