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Why Print Found a Home at Airbnb

A doctor I know recommends turning off all electronics one hour before you crash to allow your brain to drain itself of all that beta wave chatter. He prescribes reading a print book or magazine in the interim, to allow the tactile page-turning and

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What’s Behind Midcentury Modern Mania?

A stroll through the lobby of any given destination hotel between Tucson and Thailand may transport you back to America circa 1950, when furniture design, and frankly not much else, was at its artistic peak. Fashion, music, film, literature – and

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Airlines Put the Squeeze on Seats

You might want to sit down for this blog. On second thought, you may be more comfortable standing, along with me, as we wedge ourselves into a subject area increasingly unfit for human habitation: airline seating. Admittedly, I'm a tad

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Deals on Wheels: Mercedes’ Self-Driving “Boardroom”

It's event day. Go time. You've got three anxious passengers crammed into your rental car and a strange city to navigate. Everybody's stressed. Wouldn't it be great to beam out to a boardroom right now? And a latte? Mercedes-Benz feels your

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The $70,000 Minimum Wage

Plenty of hotel and events workers throughout California were on the front lines when the "Fight for 15" movement failed to convince legislators to nudge the state minimum wage to $15 an hour. As it turned out, they'll have to wait until next year to

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Wine App — titude

    Fine wines can be a real puzzler for meeting planners unprepared to parse the many nuances of ordering, pairing, purchasing, and savoring the various fruits of the vine. Vivino, a robust little wine app, can help. Simply snap a

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Travel Hub: Layover Lures

Frequent flyers linger longer in airports these days, whether due to security, scheduling, or the overall quickening of our daily lives. While some airports seem resigned to remain merely sleepless purgatories between point A and point B, others

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Food & Beverage: Paring Down Rising Costs

When the worst drought to hit the United States in 60 years combined with widespread crop loss in Africa, it sent grain prices soaring, driving up the cost of beef, pork, and poultry. In the second half of 2012, wholesale prices began to rise.

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