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5 Considerations for Group Activities

I’ve been on both sides of the group activity fence, both as an organizer and as a guest. Along the way, I’ve had my share of wonderful experiences, plus a few I’d rather not repeat. I am, however, grateful for the less-than-stellar ones as they’ve

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Macau, Mon Amour: 3 Reasons It’s a Planner Paradise

Macau – or spelled the modern way ‘Macao’ – just the sound of it conjures up images of James Bond in Skyfall, strutting broodingly past smoky baccarat tables in casinos done up with golden dragons and glowing red lanterns. Sure, there’s still a bit

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Planning Politely: 7 Gaffes to Avoid When Working with Brits

One of the great joys of event planning is getting to work virtually anywhere in the world to make an event or meeting come to life, sometimes in just a matter of hours. One of my favorite cities to work in is London, not only because my French is

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Top-Speed Tourist: When You’ve Got Just One Day in Hong Kong

It may seem absurd to suggest that Hong Kong—one of the greatest cities in the world—can be seen in just one day. But when that’s all the time you’ve got, you just make it work. As every globetrotting planner knows, while on duty, there’s rarely

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The Next Best Thing to Being There: 5 Tips for Site Visit Workarounds

You’ve done your research. You’ve narrowed down the possible locations—using’s handy search engine of course—and now it’s time to take the final, in-depth look at your top two or three venues. Though nothing beats a real, live site

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7 Ways to Keep Travel Expenses in Check

Planners travel. A lot. To keep clients (and the accounting department) happy, one planner must-do is to keep travel costs under control no matter how large or small the budget. Here are a few thoughts to help keep travel expenses in line without

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Meet Healthier In Paris

For years, Paris was the place to be if, among other things, you wished to indulge in fine wine, food, and Gitanes. While fine dining continues unabated, fortunately, le smoking is on the wane. In fact, in the last few years, smoking in public

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