What Makes You Mad?

What drives meeting planners the craziest? Waiting for others to decide, according to a Destination Marketing Association International survey. Completed April 3, the "tournament" called on more than 400 planners to choose from 16 gripes, which,

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What’s Behind Midcentury Modern Mania?

A stroll through the lobby of any given destination hotel between Tucson and Thailand may transport you back to America circa 1950, when furniture design, and frankly not much else, was at its artistic peak. Fashion, music, film, literature – and

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Meet Healthier In Paris

For years, Paris was the place to be if, among other things, you wished to indulge in fine wine, food, and Gitanes. While fine dining continues unabated, fortunately, le smoking is on the wane. In fact, in the last few years, smoking in public

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Farm to (Banquet) Table

The green movement continues to make inroads in our industry, from vendors to hotels to restaurants. The good news is that planners are increasingly joining this mission. Yet, as much as we are being conscientious about incorporating “green” into our

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