Travel Ease

9 Apps for Easier Travel

"There's an app for that" became an eye-rolling meme long before Internet shorthand like "ridic" (for ridiculous) and "obvs" (for obviously) wormed their way into the Scrabble dictionary. For many, the explosion of apps has made the more tedious

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7 Airport Innovations That Really Should Take Off

If meeting planning has its own version of Hell, it almost certainly resembles an international airport terminal, at rush hour, on the eve of a national holiday weekend. Fortunately, a whole tarmac-full of clever innovators out there have been

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Is it Time for Fitness Wearables?

I asked a meeting planner recently what device she used to track her fitness. She gave me that grin exclusively reserved for clueless male questions and replied, "My heels!" Point well taken: Of all the jobs the world over, meeting planners

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Meet Healthier In Paris

For years, Paris was the place to be if, among other things, you wished to indulge in fine wine, food, and Gitanes. While fine dining continues unabated, fortunately, le smoking is on the wane. In fact, in the last few years, smoking in public

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Travel Hub: Layover Lures

Frequent flyers linger longer in airports these days, whether due to security, scheduling, or the overall quickening of our daily lives. While some airports seem resigned to remain merely sleepless purgatories between point A and point B, others

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