4 Must-See TED Talks for Planners

You might have missed this year's TED conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre—more than 90 speakers over five days ending March 20. That's where some of the world's most engaged and engaging minds meet to present their thoughts on how to make

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Peer Genius: Advice for New Meeting Planners

“Build solid relationships with your partners. As planners, we dream up how everything will look, sound, and taste, and then work with our partners to create that reality. Inevitably, something will happen to challenge that vision—a thunderstorm will

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Apps Every Planner Will Love

I recently started with a new company, and as excited as I am to be at a new place, I am even more excited to learn cool new things. Of course it’s great to learn shortcuts and better planning practices, but here’s what really excites me: apps that

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5 Apps Every Meeting Planner Should Have

Technology is here, there, everywhere! I consider myself a moderate user of the evolving tech world. I know enough to get around, but I’m certainly not the type to camp out for days to get the latest model of a phone. I certainly cannot intelligently

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