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Save to Spend

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At the Elite Meetings Alliance I heard a cost savings discussion that had a twist: these planners weren’t simply trying to scrimp, they were deploying cost saving tactics so they had the freedom to choose better hotels for their event. Here are three I noted: 1. Ask to use a lunch menu (with lunch prices) for dinner. 2. Ask for a 20% discount on A/V equipment owned by the hotel. […]

by Bryce Johnson on May 10, 2011

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Experienced Planners Share Tips

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A favorite of each Elite Meetings Alliance¬† is the knowledge-sharing. The meeting planners attending are a wealth of experience. Here are a couple of the favorite tips I heard during the EMA: Carolyn Pund says Cisco encourages attendee loyalty at their big annual conference by creating an exclusive ideas/networking lounge that’s only available to those who actively contribute and have attended for 5 consecutive years–miss a year, start over! The […]

by Bryce Johnson on May 5, 2011

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